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    Power plant generator transformer unit protection system

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    一、UR 系列继电器平台特点:Ø模块化结构,不同机型部件可通用互换。Ø插拔式设计,检修维护方便Ø真正管理型继电器。Ø通用型软件平台,免费使用。Ø强大的通信功能,丰富的规约,可与国内外第三方通信平台集成组网,极致体现智能电网的要求。Ø各系列设备工作电源均支持交流和直流通用,适应力极强。     以上特点为GE数字能源产品的普遍特点二、组网平台利用配套Enerv

    1. Detailed information


    1. Characteristics of UR series relay platform:

    Ø modular structure, different model components are interchangeable gm.

    Ø plug type design, maintenance is convenient

    Ø managed real relay.

    Ø universal software platform, free of charge.

    Ø powerful communication function, rich in code, but with the domestic and foreign third-party integrated network communication platform, acme manifest the request of the smart grid.

    Ø various series power support ac and dc general equipment work, strong adaptability.

    The above characteristics are general characteristics of GE digital energy products

    2. Networking platform

    Using the supporting Enervstia Viewpoint software platform to realize the infinite topology structure, the collection protection, monitoring, data management, report documents are generated in one body.


    Power plant generator & transformer unit relay protection system.

    The typical application configuration scheme is as follows:

    1. Rev protection system (optional proportional differential or light differential)

    Type: T60 or T35; L30

    2. Generator, main transformer, factory change, excitation variable unit protection system

    Type: G60, T60T35

    3. T area feeder protection system

    Type: F35 or T35

    Iv. Schematic diagram of typical protection scheme:


    V. panel diagram: