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ZTS series automatic switch

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applyGE ZTS series automatic switch since its launch, has become the highest quality symbol, with excellent design andAssembly, ZTS series switch has become a key conversion equipment in the industria

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GE ZTS series automatic switch since its launch, has become the highest quality symbol, with excellent design and

Assembly, ZTS series switch has become a key conversion equipment in the industrial field, providing security for important power occasions

The guarantee.

ZTS series automatic switching switch is further developed in the design of ZTG series, and is committed to providing the most complete product line to meet all customer control function requirements. The ZTS series ATS adopt the MX250 controller, personalized accessories package for customers

To provide more options for professional conversion programmes; This series of products also offers all three switching types of switches: open-circuit switching ZSS: two position switch, less than 100ms conversion speed, suitable for general load. Delay conversion ZSD: for inductive load such as a large motor, UPS, switch power supply and other power electronic equipment, in particular, because their own energy storage device can ensure the continuity of load power supply, does not depend on ATS's rapid transformation, instead turn quickly

It will impact the rectifier and charging circuit of UPS/switching power supply; GE delay switching ZSD type ATS to provide a smoother conversion scheme for such load. ZSD ATS will include "center bit" except for the common side and standby side

The delay of the ATS staying in the "center position" is adjustable.

Closed type conversion ZSC: when the automatic switch has two power supplies electricity, such as ATS from the alternate side cut back to common side, in order to satisfy the stringent requirements of key occasions for electricity continuity, instantaneous synchronous ATS can be automatic monitoring two power supplies by the Lord

Contact "after the first pick up from" the transformation of the way, to achieve continuous transformation, in the process of transformation, instantaneous short two power supplies to 100 ms, closed type conversion ATS is suitable for the important manufacturing plant, is extremely sensitive to power occasion.


• fixed current 40A~4000A (2, 3 and 4 poles)

• the ZSS type, time delay conversion ZSD type and the closed transformation ZSC type can be selected

• optional bypass type ATS

• load use category: ac-33a suitable for mixed load

• double-throw mechanism, mechanical maintenance, no need for external linkage

• dc coil drive mechanism, instantaneous excitation operation, real PC level ATS products

• MX250 controller, the conversion time is less than 100ms

• 600A is equipped with arc contact and no switch

• the linear combination of the first and the second is the first to prevent the abnormal increase in phase voltage conversion

• flexible static silicon coil loop control mode, less number of secondary components

• dc coil electronic protection function, better guarantee key parts

• controllers are more versatile: multiple conversion modes, same controllers

• the controller can use the power supply to the autonomous loop without external control

• all parameters can be accurately set by LCD panel

• provide an ATS event record and troubleshooting statistics

• LED/LCD multiple ATS status display mode

• the permanent storage of all parameter Settings without a backup battery

• processor and digital circuits and a loop isolation design

• photoelectric isolation input, the transient current has high anti-interference performance

• remote communication function: optional built-in RS485 communication interface, installation is easier

• cooperate with GE Enervista monitor software to provide a complete communication solution