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    Multi-purpose interval protection F650

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    The main advantagesUnique embedded control function - integrated feeder protection and programmable logicFor the flexibility of complex system and the control of high cost efficiency - the function of

    1. Detailed information

    The main advantages

    Unique embedded control function - integrated feeder protection and programmable logic

    For the flexibility of complex system and the control of high cost efficiency - the function of the programmable logic custom feeder protection and control system that meets the IEC standard can meet the unique requirements

    The first class man-machine interface (HMI)-4 x 20 standard backlight LCD display, can select 16 x 40 (240x128 pixels) graphics LCD, equipped with programmable buttons and choose to set menu and submenu rotation switch

    Change time minimization - modular design, plug-in can extract structure

    Reduce troubleshooting time and reduce maintenance cost - irig-b time synchronization, event reporting, waveform capture, data record

    Cost-effective access to information - by statute, standard RS232 and RS485 and Ethernet port through open standards specifications to achieve the optimal integration flexibility - the Modbus RTU and TCP/IP, DNP 3.0 level 2, IEC 60870-5-104, IEC 61850

    Compatible with standard Internet browsers - through protocols, such as Http, FTP, and TFTP

    To minimize communication interruption time - equipped with a reliable redundancy Ethernet communication port with 10/100basetx, 100BaseFX equipped with ST connector, optional double 100BaseFX is also equipped with ST connector

    Complete monitoring function - detailed measurement functions including demand and power

    Follow up with technology - flash memory technology for product site upgrades


    Management of distribution lines and matrilins and main protection bus,

    Backup protection for transformers and transmission lines

    Reliable power generation interconnection protection system and low - voltage motor protection

    Protection and control

    Full delay, instantaneous and phase direction, neutral point, grounding and sensitive grounding

    The negative sequence in different lines is delayed through flow

    Break line detection

    Phase - delayed overcurrent voltage braking

    Busbar and line auxiliary voltage undervoltage/overvoltage

    Overvoltage of neutral point

    Negative sequence voltage

    The frequency/frequency of the bus

    Circuit breaker failure

    Controlled by PLC with a cold load starting manual switch

    Four reconfigurable locks can be configured

    3 sets of value setting groups

    During the same period, check -V, phi and Hz

    Up to 32 programmable digital inputs

    Up to 16 digital outputs

    Tripping loop monitoring

    Redundant power selection

    Programmable logic

    Monitoring and measurement

    Fault ranging, final 10 records

    Circuit breaker trip and failure

    VT bolt

    The circuit breaker always pulls the arc current

    Event record -479 events

    High resolution recording and data recording, sampling rate programmable setting

    Measurement: V, I, Hz, W, VA, PF

    Needs: Ia, Ib, Ic, Ig, Isg, I2, MW, MVA

    Configurable graphical human interface

    Alarm display

    The front panel is equipped with reciprocating keys, 4x20 bytes of backlight display screen or 16x40 bytes of optional graphics display screen

    The user interface

    RS232 and RS485 interface - rate can be 115,200 BPS

    Ethernet interface - 10/100basetx, 100BaseFX belt ST connector, optional double 100BaseFX with ST joint, for physical medium redundancy

    Multi-specification -ModBusTM RTU and TCP/IP DNP 3.0 level 2, iec 60870-5-104, iec 61850, Http, FTP and TFTP

    EnerVista software - a software tool that is in the forefront of industrial systems, works with the GE Multilin device to simplify every aspect of the working process

    Protection and control

    F650 provides fast protection and control for feeder management and spacing control, including:

    Over current protection

    Transient and time-lapse function can be used for phase, neutral, ground/sensitive grounding, and the delayed flow function can be used in negative sequence current. Provides a variety of time curves, including IEEE/ANSI, IECA/B/C/long inverse time/short inverse time, GE IAC, I2t, fixed time, rectifier curve and four user programmable curves.

    Direction element

    For phase, neutral, grounding and sensitive grounding current, directional function is available. The neutral/grounding directional elements can be programmed to work in zero sequence voltage, grounded sensitive current or double polarization conditions.

    Voltage protection

    Provide phase/auxiliary overvoltage, undervoltage, neutral and negative sequence overvoltage protection.

    Frequency components

    Three separate frequency units can be set up to be used for or over frequency protection, usually for load shedding.

    Circuit breaker failure

    Use circuit breaker failure function to determine that the tripping order sent to the circuit breaker has not been implemented in the specified time delay. In case of failure of the circuit breaker, the device will send another tripping signal to the circuit breaker, which is the voltage source of the fault current. The F650 includes two levels of current and two levels of delay, one without the use of current components, and an internal pull arc current detection element. There are three levels of circuit breaker failure elements: "heavy tripping" or "surveillance" to make a re-trip signal to the relevant circuit breakers that have already executed the initial trip instructions;" High "and low" to perform complex protection schemes. This function can be started/locked by digital input and communication.

    Automatic reclosing

    This function can be used in three-phase trip and single circuit breaker. Before locking, the relock can be used for 4 times. Each lock can be set independently. The automatic reclosing output can be used to modify the circuit protection Settings between the gates.

    At the same time to check

    The F650 is equipped with a period checking element. The algorithm of the protection element allows circuit breaker closing time compensation to obtain the optimum closing conditions. The components (Δ V) monitoring voltage amplitude and phase Angle (Δ phi) and frequency (Δ f) the biggest difference, and power conditions.

    Multi-set value setting group

    Three separate protection setting sets can be stored in F650 non-volatile memory. The user can enter and communicate via the contact, and the internal or external editor is in the active state setting value.

    Protective wiring diagram: