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    Transformer protection - T60, T35

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    Protective wiring diagram:T60 microcomputer transformer management relay is designed to provide protection for small, medium and large three-phase power transformers. As UR (general relay) a member of

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    Protective wiring diagram:


    T60 microcomputer transformer management relay is designed to provide protection for small, medium and large three-phase power transformers. As UR (general relay) a member of the family, it can satisfy such as in the ring bus model of transformer windings between two circuit breaker application requirements, also can meet the application requirement of one and half breaker configuration. The T60 relay can perform amplitude and phase shift compensation internally, so that no external CT or auxiliary CT is required.

    T35 is a microprocessor-based relay designed to protect large, medium and small three-phase power transformers in complex power systems. The relay is applicable to three - phase inputs to groups of two to six: CT or CT or PT. Typical UR applications include:

    • connect two or more transformers with multiple windings,

    • there is no transformer connected to the multiple windings. These switches are connected only through the busbar, transmission line or feeder.

    Major advantages: 1. Unique transformer protection function, monitoring simulation and RTD input

    2. Through the principle of double (differential and direction), and the application of CT saturation detection improve security - similar patent solution in the principle of first-class, need only 2 ms is not affected by saturation of the current can make correct judgment

    3. Reduce the required space for installation by a compact design - the integrated protection and control function of the multi-function device, programmable button and state LED and communication interface

    4. Maintenance cost saving and maintenance process simplified - modular structure, general hardware, reduced spare parts inventory, plug and play module.

    5. Use high-speed communication to reduce the wiring and installation cost - to complete the relay's interaction with the relay through the input and output of the relay.

    6. Efficient and flexible information access - multiple communication options and protocols

    7. Application flexibility - multiple I/O selection, programmable logic (FlexLogicTM), modular design

    8. User protection and control functions can be realized

    9. Circuit breaker monitoring - through analog volume I/O, large range of measurements, circuit breaker arc current and trip counter to monitor circuit breaker conditions

    10. Reduce system event analysis time and analysis cost - event sequence report, record wave, data record, IRIG-B time synchronization

    11. Embedded IEC 61850 statute - no external specification converter

    Application: 1. Reliable main protection and backup protection for small to large three-phase transformer and autotransformer

    2. Adjustment of reactance, crack phase and phase Angle

    3. Transformer for wiring of annular bus or semi-circuit breaker

    4. Can operate independently or as part of automatic control system of substation

    Protection control: 1. Differential braking characteristics of double slope and double turning point

    2. Proportional and instantaneous differential protection

    3. Second harmonic current braking

    4. Up to 80 digital inputs and 56 digital outputs can be configured

    5. Transmitter I/O (RTD, dcmA)

    Monitor measurement: 1. Differential and braking current

    2. Second and fifth harmonics

    3. Measurement - current, voltage, power and frequency

    4. Event record -1024 time-marked events, with a digital input scan of 0.5 ms.

    5. Data record - up to 16 channels, and users can select sampling rate.

    6. User programmable failure report