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    Line distance protection -D60

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    Line distance protectionProtective wiring diagram:Main advantages: 1. The whole function protection system of transmission line -5 sections of grounding and interphase protection, providing 5 auxiliar

    1. Detailed information

    Line distance protection

    Protective wiring diagram:


    Main advantages: 1. The whole function protection system of transmission line -5 sections of grounding and interphase protection, providing 5 auxiliary longitudinal plan

    2. Use multiple communication solutions to enhance single-phase tripping applications

    3. Easy to meet the stability requirement - high speed single phase/three-phase trip and reclosing

    4. Reliable action can be achieved on the series compensation line

    5. The reliability is widely accepted in the world, and excellent performance results from years of field operation experience

    6. Safe operation under external failure conditions

    7. The compact structure design reduces the installation space requirement - the multi-function device integrated protection and control function, and the device also has programmable button, state indicating LED and communication interface

    8. Save maintenance cost and simplify maintenance process-modular design, general hardware, plug and play module, reduce spare parts stock

    9. The application has a strong flexibility - multi-i/O selection, programmable logic (FlexLogicTM) and modular design, which can meet the user's special and personalized application requirements

    10. Shorten system event analysis time and realize cost reduction - sequence event report, record wave, data record, IRIG-B time synchronization

    11. Use the fast communication to reduce the connection between the input and output data exchange between the input and the installation cost of the relay

    12. Embed iec 61850 specification - no external specification conversion equipment

    Use: 1. Use as an overhead transmission line protection for any voltage level, including series compensation circuit, which can carry out single phase and three-phase trip

    2. In a semi-circuit breaker configuration scheme or ring bus configuration scheme, the automatic reclosing of four single phase/three-phase circuit breakers can be realized

    3. Fully support multiple circuit breaker applications (e.g., ring bus, 1 1/2 circuit breaker configuration)

    Protection control: 1. Protection of 5 phases and ground distance

    2. Longitudinal plan and multi-section distance backup

    3. The missing step tripping and system oscillation locking

    4. Circuit tripping

    5. Phase, neutral and negative sequence current

    6. Single-phase or three-phase triphase tripping/coincidence scheme with dual circuit breaker auto-reclosing and synchronous detection function

    7. Failure of circuit breaker

    Monitor measurement: 1. Circuit breaker status monitoring, including the circuit breaker and the trip counter

    2. Measurement - current, voltage, power, power, frequency

    3. Record wave - 64 samples per week, up to 64 records

    4. Event record -1024 time label event record, 0.5 millisecond digital input scan

    5. Data record - user can select sampling rate, up to 16 channels

    6. Fault ranging