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LOR95 系列  LOCKOUT出口跳闸继电器。LOR957810E  DC110VLOR957810F  DC220V 一、内部结构:层叠式结构,可达10层,共40对常开接点或常开常闭组合接点二、动作线圈结构特点:根据型号的不同,和应用的不同标准的DC电压等级,线圈的参数也不一样,对应的启动电压也不一样(详情可参看选型规范)示意计算:如110V

  1. Detailed information

LOR95 series LOCKOUT trip relay.

LOR957810E  DC110V

LOR957810F  DC220V 

I. internal structure:


Laminated structure, which can reach 10 floors, with 40 pairs of regular open contacts or frequent open closed combination contacts

Ii. Characteristics of motor coil structure:


Depending on the model, the DC voltage rating of the different standard of the application is different, and the parameters of the coil are different. The corresponding startup voltage is different (please refer to the selection specification for details).

Signal calculation: for example 110V DC coil parameters: resistance 45 ohms, corresponding start voltage of 25-30v (minimum action voltage). The instantaneous start power can reach 20W.

Under rated voltage, typical connected current 2.4 A, the instantaneous action power can reach 200-300w.

 Installation layout effect of the Lock-out relay



The Lock-out relay is used as the screen group for the export tripping relay, the screen layout is simple and beautiful, the wiring in the screen is simple, and the maintenance is convenient.

 Comprehensive characteristics compared to the usual trip relay:

LOR 95

Electromagnetic type tripping or voltage relay

Contact the quota

A LOR95 can reach up to 40 contact points

A usually 4-6 junction

Installation space occupancy

It occupies only the depth of the screen cabinet, and the long width is small

Contrast: 10 voltage relays require 8 LOR95 locations if the contact is 40

Connection mode

It is the equivalent of a good tripping matrix, and the wiring is convenient

The connection is much, the trip bus needs wiring summary

Keep the way

Machinery to keep

Power to keep

Contact capacity

The contact surface of each contact is 7-8mm in diameter

The contact surface of the contact surface is 3mm

Return way

Manual reset

When the battery dies, it returns automatically

The test way

When measuring the starting voltage, it is necessary to take some action. It cannot continuously increase the voltage on it. Avoid burning coils

You can slowly raise the voltage to start the boundary

Action is power

Starting power of up to 50 watts

Usually the voltage relay is 10w-20w

5. Application:

It is used for the high - level trip exit relay for the protection system and the protection system.