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Water treatment PPP second half of the accelerated water treatment project occupies half of the mountain

Takeaway:As of 2018, the national sewage treatment quantity will reach67.4 billion tons of,The water supply will climb to 72.4 billion tons, the average annual growth rate8.7% and 2.4%. According to the Treasury DepartmentThe integrated information platform shows that sewage treatment, water supply, ecological construction and environmental protection account for 17.77 percent of the total number of projects.Among them, the "water supply + PPP" combination model is favored by the industry.

“PPP”(Public—Private—Partnership)It refers to a cooperative relationship formed by the government and social capital in order to provide some kind of public goods and services, based on the concession agreement. Since last year, the relevant ministries and commissions jointly issued "guidelines on the promotion of government and social capital cooperation model in the public service sector", and there has been a surge of PPP in all parts of the country.

Public information is available as of May 31The total investment demand of 8,644 PPP projects is about 10.4 trillion yuan. However, cutto 4month, the project landing rate of the national PPP integrated information platform was only 21.7 percent, which occurred in the ground. Under the PPP rush, How to meet historic opportunities in the water industry? Urban water resources "marriage" PPP, how to join together?

The director of the center for industrial and economic research of China integrated development research institute pointed out,The most important thing in the water resources PPP is the last "P",The Partnership(cooperation).Water is a special product, can't completely through the market allocation of resources, the government must provide basic safeguard, in operation and management, water is often a natural monopoly, because it is impossible for a single city has several sets of water pipe network, at the same time is difficult to produce excess profits.

After introducing the PPP model, it is necessary to consider the stability of capital gains and cooperation, which determines the stability of the contract between government and social capital.

The third batch of PPP projects hit the ground

In recent days, shandong, Inner Mongolia and yunnan have launched intensive deployment of the third batch of PPP demonstration projects, and provincial PPP demonstration projects have accelerated in the same period. Among them, transportation, municipal engineering and other areas still occupy big head, the water resources related project heat obviously rise, the landing progress is also accelerating. Industry experts expect the PPP project to accelerate further with the third PPP demonstration project in August, which is expected to peak in the second half of the year.

Recently, the ministry of finance and other 20 departments jointly issued the notice on the organization for the third batch of government and social capital cooperation demonstration projects. According to the notice requirement, the demonstration project declaration materials will be submitted by July 25, and the list of options and project review work plan will be formed by the end of July.

In contrast to the previous two demonstration projects, the third batch of screening was carried out by the ministry of finance and related industry ministries and commissions, from the ministry of finance demonstration to a nationwide demonstration upgrade. In the third batch of demonstration projects, the declaration and screening requirements should be focused on the important issues and the organic cohesion of key projects during the 13th five-year plan period in China, and more outstanding innovation and demonstration effect.

It is worth noting that the heat of water projects is heating up significantly in the local intensive PPP projects. "More than 50% of the current PPP projects are related to water and its operational mode is becoming more and more mature." South water north east line jiangsu water resources chairman zou xu wen said.

Xu luqin, chairman of the guangdong sea water service, said that the value and significance of the water resources PPP projects were introduced everywhere, mainly because the introduction of PPP model could achieve the goal of win-win cooperation. However, the current situation is that the water resources PPP project is large, but it is difficult to land. Hinder the water resources in the PPP project implementation for various reasons, and landing as return on the project itself small, project boundary is not clear, intermediaries inadequate experience, risk bearing is not reasonable, do not have a unified policy, etc.

How to make private capital investment

In contrast, at the end of 2013, China's sewage treatment capacity was 44.5 billion tons, and the water supply was 64.1 billion tons. It is estimated that by 2018, the amount of sewage disposal will reach 67.4 billion tons, and the water supply will climb to 72.4 billion tons, an average annual growth rate of 8.7% and 2.4%.

The total number of projects for sewage treatment, water supply, ecological construction and environmental protection was 1,372 in late March 2016, accounting for 17.77 percent of the total number of projects, according to the comprehensive information platform of the ministry of finance. Compared with January, there were 647 new sewage treatment projects and 1155.7 billion yuan in new sewage treatment.

"Such a big governance needs, only by the fiscal input is difficult to meet demand, must leverage social capital, and fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the market, the realization of water sector products and services in terms of quantity and quality of double promotion." Meng chun, deputy director of macroeconomic research at the development research center of the state council, said. However, the national development and reform commission, the economic system reform, the original inspector Linda zhang pointed out that at present the ministry of finance project in wading project reached more than 1400, but the pilot was launched only 12.

Compared with traditional government investment behavior, PPP projects from partial construction to heavy performance and heavy services extended from single project to comprehensive management project package. Watershed management project integrated business is strong, sponge, river regulation content such as city construction, information construction, the docking the PPP mode, to capital, technology, resource integration ability of many services provide a broad business opportunities.

Meng chun suggested that four studies should be paid attention to in the promotion and application of norms in PPP field:

In this paper, the coordination and restraint mechanism of water supply PPP related parties is established, and the project coordination and restraint mechanism of stakeholders is established.

Research on the construction of information disclosure mechanism in water supply PPP mode to solve the problem of information asymmetry;

To study the legislative work of public participation in water supply PPP, to realize the public participation in the law at an early date;

To study and strengthen the performance management of water service industry, to guarantee the legitimate rights and interests of water service enterprises; We will further study and explore third-party regulatory mechanisms.

The industry change brought by PPP

Orders for big and difficult: the emergence of the PPP mode will make future orders volume toward large-scale and difficult transition, water source, xing source environment, in the listed companies, Leon and harmony environment such as environmental protection company undertake billion level, and even billions level of PPP orders. In addition, orders will be developed from the original point source orders to regional orders, the governance will be more difficult, and the technical level of the enterprise will be higher.

ROE down: essentially to see project returns appeared a certain degree of decline, the main reason for the returns on different package, enterprises to carry out the difficulty of the project selected by increased, but also benefit from the project overall increase in volume, to undertake the project amount is significantly increased.

The technical difficulty is great: the model of packaging and rollout has led more and more enterprises to offer a package of solutions to the enterprise's comprehensive governance capability and technical platform for higher requirements.

Speed up the industry shuffle: with the change of pattern, regulation and strict requirements, the small and chaotic situation of the industry will gradually change, the merger and acquisition will increase, the industry shuffling will increase. (source: China environmental protection online)