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Our company won the bid for the project of hunan taohua jiang nuclear condensate system


The relevant person in charge of peach blossom river of hunan nuclear power co., LTD. Led to haiyan, and we force source environmental protection technology co., LTD. (zhejiang) signed hunan peach blossom river nuclear power first phase 1 and unit 2 contracts in condensate polishing treatment system has.

According to the contract, our company in the next few years, for the first phase of the peach blossom river in hunan province nuclear power in condensate polishing treatment system has been providing equipment, installation, debugging and other services, the contract price more than $50 million.



Hunan taohua jiang nuclear power is one of the first inland nuclear power plants in China, and the construction of power station has taken a step. Zhejiang haiyan force source environmental protection technology co., LTD. Is a haiyan nuclear power associated enterprise alliance backbone members, is a research and development and production plants, make-up water in condensate polishing treatment system (in addition to salt water) system, chemical dosing system, soda, sampling system, sewage (waste water) treatment system, water desalination system, variable group of relay protection equipment, power plant maintenance service of high and low voltage complete sets of equipment and corresponding products professional company.

In haiyan county in recent years, developing nuclear power related industry, under the bridge of the local government, the city with the help of China's nuclear power industry agglomeration platform, haiyan force source in 2009 achieved fuqing 1 and unit 2 and 1 and unit 2 Fang Gushan nuclear power project orders in condensate polishing treatment system, actively into the field of nuclear power.

China's first "hualong" number one project fuqing nuclear power generating unit 5, 6, condensate polishing processing equipment, "area" export project Pakistan K2 / K3 condensate polishing processing equipment for nuclear power, national demonstration projects of PWR special CAP1400 plant hair transformer unit protection equipment... The sea salt source relies on the core technology, has already made a field in the nuclear power field. Last year, the equipment of the nuclear power generation 1000MW unit condensate treatment system made by haiyan power source was successfully selected as the first set of products in the key field of equipment manufacturing in zhejiang province in 2015.

At present, our company in nuclear power plant all kinds of water treatment systems performance has reached more than 20 units, plant hair variable group protection system performance also amounted to more than 10 units, and the power plant water treatment system in the domain of traditional industry results in total has reached more than 300 units, thermal power hair variable group protection system performance has reached more than 200 units.

"With the development of haiyan nuclear power related industry, China's nuclear city across the country occupies an important role in the field of nuclear power system supply, and the force source in condensate polishing treatment system has adequate supply experience, it contributed to the cooperation between us." Hunan taohua river nuclear power co., LTD.

The reporter understands, equipment in condensate polishing treatment system is to ensure that nuclear power, thermal power unit safe and economic operation indispensable system, similar to a steam turbine cycle water purifiers, ensures a large power plant thermal system for water quality requirements.

"As early as 2001, enterprises began to develop condensate treatment technology and applied a large number of domestic and foreign power plants after 2005. Based on this core technology, haiyan power source has grown into a national high-tech enterprise and has obtained 15 national patents. Chen zhilin, an enterprise technology information manager, said that in the industry, the sea salt source can compete with state-owned enterprises and large listed companies, taking up 30% of the market share as private enterprises.

In order to make peach blossom river nuclear condensate polishing processing contract to organize and implement the work of the project, the enterprise will be the best team, implement the most strict project management, and set up the best service concept, casting the high-quality goods project.

This year, our company, as a good enterprise in haiyan county, has built China's nuclear power city through haiyan county and vigorously cultivated the nuclear power industry. The emphasis was placed on the proportion of the company's nuclear power business. In this project, we have added a heavy hand to our development in the field of nuclear power.