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Sea salt source opens a new chapter: "new third board"


On December 12, our company (zhejiang haiyan force source environmental protection technology co., LTD.) in the "new three board", officially announced in the small and medium-sized enterprise plate listed stock transfer system, stock code: 831353, total assets: 160 million (RMB). At the Beijing listing ceremony, our company's board of directors and representatives of the shareholders delivered a speech.


In the beginning of this year, our company initiated the reform of the stock market. In June, we completed the reform of the stock market. In July, the stock system was transferred to the stock market, and it was listed on October 31, and it was successfully listed on the special day of the double 12. Through the stock reform listing, our company will take a big step in further regulating operation management, broadening financing channels, building brand image and enhancing market competitiveness.

In 2014, the new third board market expanded rapidly, and with the promotion of the new third board market and the continuous improvement of policies, the new third board attracted more and more attraction to small and medium-sized enterprises and investors. It is most likely that the recently launched tiered management and auction will significantly improve the activity of the new third board market and make it possible to connect with other trading markets. As the general manager of the national stock transfer system, xie geng, on June 21, in the second economic and financial peak of 2014, gave a speech on the theme of the second economic and financial summit: the new third board -- the future China's nasdaq.

Haiyanliyuan will follow the new wave of the great wave, with the help of this power, open the new chapter of haiyanliyuan company.

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