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Our company is listed in zhejiang "1000 people plan" enterprise


Our company in zhejiang province "one thousand plan" introduce talents enterprise list, by getting the certification, will get more government support for enterprise, talent introduction, talent training, and supporting policies of talent preferential treatment, etc. To provide strong guarantee for the reserve of our talents is an indispensable support for enterprise development.

Needs of economic and social development of zhejiang province, facing the overseas introduction is a leading international and domestic academic and technical level, or with independent intellectual property rights, and the industrialization development potential of scientific research, to be able to break through the key technology, developing high-tech industries, drive the emerging discipline of the leader, science and technology talents and high-level innovative talents. Emphatically introducing information, environmental protection, health, high-end equipment manufacturing and other key industries and biotechnology, new energy, new materials, and other areas of the strategic emerging industries high-level personnel, as well as the major innovation project, the shortage of research and development of key disciplines, key laboratories and other major platforms in urgent need of talents. Continue to introduce culture in humanities and social science, art, economy, shortage of financial management needs of high-level personnel, mainly includes: humanities and social science, literary and artistic creation and cultural ideas and cultural industry and modern media, such as professional management talents and the economic and financial management, risk investment, international trade, including international commercial law, economics, the protection of intellectual property rights) and other professional talents. Continue to intensify non-chinese foreign experts and youth talent introduction, separately presented in the guide to the overall plan for this year, is dedicated to the introduction of non-chinese foreign experts and young people under the age of 35.