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Our company is the first of our company to export the condensate water treatment system of Pakistan pressurized water reactor


Help "One Belt And One Road"

The company has been awarded the contract of nuclear condensate treatment system equipment of China zhongyuan foreign engineering co., LTD

Recently, our company and China nuclear industry group China zhongyuan international engineering co., LTD. Signed a Pakistan export projects of nuclear power equipment in condensate polishing treatment system contract, the contract contains two sets of two independent and complete set of condensate polishing treatment system, is the first set of million kilowatt grade pressurized water reactor nuclear power technology export projects all the way, "hualong" number one area marks the hualong 1 open hair system is preliminary already forming in overseas markets.

The company will continue to work hard to "go out" with China's nuclear power and participate in the international nuclear market competition.