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In 2015, GE protected east China user technology exchange meeting


On April 24, our company (zhejiang haiyan force source environmental protection technology co., LTD.) joint xd GE (xd GE automation co., LTD.) hosted the 2015 GE protection in east China area user technical seminars.

This meeting invited the user expert representatives of the GE development group protection in east China region, and nearly 30 users, who are the users of GE development group, which is responsible for the supply of our company. Users in the east China area have been using and accepting the GE brand to protect the area of the domestic power station, and some users have been using it for 15 years. In this meeting, the technical experts of various power plants Shared and summarized the use of GE protection devices, and also proposed improvement Suggestions. In particular, there are many valuable Suggestions on the after-sales service of import protection.

Two main contents of the exchange meeting:

1. AJV, a joint venture established with GE, will gradually implement the localization strategy of GE digital energy products in China, namely the future direction of the product. The technical director of xcge communicates and prospected this information.

As the most experienced distributor of GE protection in domestic power station users, haiyanliyuan has a solid user base and market recognition. The relevant department manager of the company made a practical summary and report on the work of 2014 and the work of 2015.

At the same time, the meeting also invited experts from the industry to give guidance and support to the meeting.