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Our company will be responsible for the 2014 nuclear equipment meeting in zhejiang province


On December 11, zhejiang provincial nuclear science and technology co., LTD., hosted by zhejiang haiyan liyuan environmental technology co., LTD., will be held in jiashan, zhejiang province. Energy bureau, province, nuclear society of zhejiang province by the letter committee, the provincial association for science and technology, the nuclear group, guangdong nuclear group, the office in nuclear technology, China's nuclear power construction, and more than 30 nuclear power equipment manufacturing enterprises participating in the province, haiyan nuclear power related industry union, the United States, has reached the special steel machinery and host of 12 enterprises to participate in such as sea salt force source.

Nuclear society conference, in this paper, the director zheng made of "hualong" number one project, the provincial energy bureau director Chen Lin is in zhejiang province energy planning on the relevant information, China's nuclear power office director xu was invited to do clear China city construction project report. On the same day, representatives of nuclear power leaders and equipment manufacturers also made a warm speech.

General manager in our company as a host, shen wan made meeting address and company profile are introduced, and the day's schedule in the afternoon, field trips to visit the local nuclear power associated enterprises factory cazenove kinetic energy equipment co., LTD.