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In 2014, we participated in the Beijing nuclear industry exhibition

The 13th China international nuclear industry exhibition was held at Beijing national convention center on April 15, 2014. The China international nuclear industry exhibition is co-sponsored by the China nuclear society, the China atomic energy industry corporation and the Beijing municipal bureau of commerce, and is held every two years. Since its inception in 1989, the exhibition has been successfully held for twelve sessions. Successive exhibition, the nuclear industry both at home and abroad well-known manufacturers all exhibitors, technical exchange and trade negotiations have made good progress, the Chinese and foreign exhibitors and visitors spoke highly of. As a nuclear qualified supplier, our company also participated in the exhibition and decorated the exhibition booth.

As this field, the oldest, largest scale and highest level of international exhibition, China international industry exhibition kindly care and guidance by state leaders jiang zemin, zhang dejiang, jia qinglin, zou jiahua, zeng peiyan, ma kai, party and state leaders have successively in the exhibition. In 2012 China international industry exhibition, the political bureau of the CPC central committee, the CPPCC chairman jia qinglin, state councilor and the state council secretary-general ma kai, etc., respectively, to visit exhibition.

After more than 20 years of development, China international exhibition on the nuclear industry has become the Chinese and foreign technology international exchange platform, is the international advanced technology and equipment to enter the Chinese important channel, is also China's nuclear industry product technology and major equipment to the window and platforms. Exhibition consists of two parts, the China pavilion and the international pavilion, China pavilion as an important part of the exhibition will showcase our country in nuclear power, nuclear fuel, equipment manufacturing, and the application of nuclear technology achievements and abilities, the exhibition for the exhibition of domestic manufacturers provide technical communication and negotiation with foreign counterparts and platform of places. Here, we sincerely welcome domestic companies, manufacturers, universities and research institutes to participate in the exhibition of China pavilion. For all-round display our products in this exhibition, our company is specialized in proportion to size the physical model of the product system, accurate to each bolt, each section of the pipe are made, according to the actual ratio strictly and take the dynamic demonstration effect. At the exhibition, our booth attracts a lot of nuclear users and our colleagues. The high-level and technical team of our company participated in the exhibition and sales meeting, and exchanged cooperation information with nuclear power users. Meanwhile, we also listened to and learned the valuable opinions and Suggestions of nuclear power experts.