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Our company is the shandong haiyang nuclear power removal system project

Haiyang nuclear power plants [1] project total investment is expected to exceed 100 billion yuan, the nation's largest nuclear power plant, among them, the first phase of CLP vote and a 65% 10%, yantai, shandong international trust in the blue sky, huaneng nuclear power accounted for 5%, 10% nuclear nuclear power (5%), guodian group (5%).


Our company is the shandong haiyang nuclear power removal system project

Haiyang nuclear power plant is planning to build 6 million kilowatts of pressurized water reactor units, with two expansions and 1.25 gw of single-machine capacity. Among them, the first phase of construction of the third generation of nuclear power technology AP1000 two Westinghouse (USA) million kilowatt PWR nuclear power unit, investment is expected to reach 40 billion yuan, the first unit plans to put into commercial operation in 2014.

When all of haiyang nuclear power plant is completed, it will become the largest nuclear power generation project in China. At the same time, it will improve the power supply in shandong province and promote the rapid development of local economy.

On March 3, 2009, the national development and reform commission to send energy to do [2009] 465 date file, agreed to haiyang nuclear power project 3, 4 units in accordance with the AP1000 pressurized water reactor technical route to carry out the preliminary work. Our company successfully won the standard 3#4# machine except brine treatment system, which marks our company's access to the most advanced nuclear power AP1000 technology unit construction supplier queue. Sea salt force source power equipment co., LTD. Is specialized in thermal power, nuclear power, chemical water treatment system integration suppliers, system products include: the condensate fine treatment, in addition to salt water treatment, wastewater treatment, industrial wastewater supply water system and water network related to the system, auxiliary network control system.