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We inform you of the change of name of our company


Dear clients,

Thank you very much for a long time for "sea salt force source power equipment co., LTD." the affirmation and support, due to the need of company development, approved by the administration for industry and commerce, the original company name "sea salt force source power equipment co., LTD." is changed to "zhejiang haiyan force source environmental protection technology co., LTD.". From July 15, 2014, the new name was officially opened, the relationship of the original company's debt was unchanged, and the company's contact information was unchanged. The original company name will be kept until September 19, 2014.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused by the change of company name to your new and old customers.

If you have any question or need to obtain the relevant materials of our company's change name, please contact our company manager: 021-54038008 and 204.

Thank you!

                                                                                              Zhejiang Haiyan Power System Resources Environmental Technology.,Ltd.