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Condensate treatment

The company is specialized in the system of condensate and condensate in the two circuits of ACP1000, AP1000 and so on. For generating capacity of 300 mw ~ 1000 mw supercritical and ultra supercritical thermal power plants to provide processing of medium pressure condensate polishing treatment system, is a permanent setting system, 100% of the condensate treatment, remove the condensate impurity ions, slurry, ensure to achieve nuclear steam generator and thermal power boiler feed water quality. It is an important system of improving nuclear power/power safety and economy.

At present, the design process is 4400M3/ h, and the design and manufacture of condensate treatment equipment has a diameter of 3400mm. The condensate treatment system is designed with modular design and flexible combination. The whole set of condensate treatment system is controlled by PLC or DCS.