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Our company is on the China nuclear industry newspaper special edition

Recently, our company went to the nuclear industry newspaper special edition, special edition special form, to our company's product business, the enterprise culture, the prospect and so on the aspect has made a comprehensive introduction. The following is a summary of the newspapers:

Sea salt force source power equipment co., LTD. Is engaged in the research and development, production of nuclear power plants and coal-fired power plants of all kinds of water treatment system equipment, microcomputer type variable group of relay protection system and substation integrated automation electrical equipment and other products of professional companies. At present, the company get a remarkable achievement in many fields: nuclear power plant all kinds of water treatment systems and electrical equipment performance has reached 10 units, power plant water treatment system performance in total has reached more than 250 units, thermal power hair variable group protection system performance has reached more than 150 units. With the continuous development of China's nuclear power industry, with high quality products and services, hailiyuan has become a qualified supplier of nuclear power groups such as CGN and CGN. Equipment in condensate polishing treatment system in 2013, the evaluation of the performance ability, sea salt source to be nuclear group company named 4 a grade in the nuclear power equipment supporting enterprise, become strong competitors in the nuclear power equipment qualified supplier. In participating in international competition, sea salt source to actively go abroad, into the markets such as Asia, the European Union, America, for our country's power plant water treatment and intelligent power station of scientific and technological progress made a positive contribution. Meanwhile, sea salt force source for the Turkish atlas Mr Ken delun Turkey AYAS power plant thermal power plants, coal-fired power plants in the Indian symplectic ng tower, India will jay o bush, coal-fired power plant, phase ii of Vietnam haiphong, Vietnam coastal issue of coal-fired power plants, coal-fired power plants such as venezuela's central electricity provides the corresponding system products. Sea salt force source company site is located in zhejiang haiyan, China's nuclear city, the geographical position advantage, close to the nuclear power users - qinshan nuclear power base, three generations of AP1000 nuclear power in the world the first pile of landing sanmen nuclear power, to regularly interact with the user study, on a regular basis to accept nuclear experts about project specification execution, form a complete set of quality assurance, quality control management, the concept of nuclear power training and guidance. So with the execution of a nuclear power users to project management, familiar with nuclear power company culture, have nuclear power suppliers need a set of perfect process and quality control system, and has penetrated into design, production, quality assurance, documentation, after-sales service and other departments, to ensure that nuclear power project implementation, finally to ensure high quality delivery provides a solid protection.


A force of water treatment system

Innovation has always been the constant pursuit of Marine salt source company. According to the market development trend, the company actively develops new products, adopts new technology and continuously improves the core competitiveness of the product, and has become a fresh force in the water treatment system.

1. Power plant (nuclear power regular island, thermal power) medium pressure condensate treatment system

Power plant (ci for nuclear power, thermal power) pressure of condensate polishing treatment system is a specialized in secondary circuit of ci for a power plant and power plant process large flow rate of the condensate indispensable medium pressure water purification system. Promote its role is to power plant steam turbine generator after work of steam condensation water, purify water and steam in the loop of pests, including dissolved metal oxides and salts, and from the purity of the condensate has been further improved, meet the ci for nuclear steam generator or supercritical and ultra supercritical boiler to the requirement of water quality, prevent heat equipment caused by corrosion, salt, scaling down accident, is an important system of unit to ensure safe and economic operation. Medium pressure condensate polishing treatment system operation and regeneration in vitro regeneration system and auxiliary system and electric system used for the system, program control system and the system must be equipped with all kinds of medium voltage and low pressure valves and automatic control, measuring instrument, etc., is a set of highly

Automated running systems.

Since the 1990 s, sea salt force source company will tower method of condensate polishing treatment technology introduced into China, after nearly 20 years of development, at present, the company has mastered the key technology, and translated into independent product design basis, further the design of the condensate polishing treatment system has been applied to large units, in condensate polishing treatment engineering that have been put into operation in the comprehensive embodiment of good. Company independent development of the large flow of condensate polishing processing equipment, to solve the nuclear ci condensate polishing processing run rubber lining tanks sulfate precipitation, with composite stainless steel manufacturing middle condensate fine treatment device, already was evaluated through the expert inside course of study, and has obtained the national patent for utility model. Large flow of condensate polishing processing equipment industry leading technology level mainly reflects in: medium voltage high speed ion exchange equipment, water inside the water distribution device in the design process to ensure the uniformity of water distribution, no impact on the smooth flow of bed resin without disturbance; The bottom drainage and liposuction device of the spherical aggregate water perforated plate and the pressure balance cavity is composed of the bottom drainage and the lipid discharge device, which ensures the uniform and rapid discharge of the treated condensation water in the design process. Ensure that the resins are transferred to the regeneration system after failure. The transfer rate is greater than 99.98%. Its external regeneration system reflects the core technologies of Marine salt source company: one is resin tower separation technology. It is possible to ensure the complete separation of the Yang resin and the Yin resin, ensuring that the purity of the Yang resin after separation is greater than 99.9% and the purity of the resin after separation is greater than 99.9% and the purity of the resins after separation is greater than 99.9%. Second, resin cleaning technology. Use air scrub and "top down" two pressure to drain, with low water consumption to get high cleaning effect. Third, resin transfer transportation technology. The resin can be reduced to the lowest in the tank or pipe in the resin transfer, and the transfer rate of resin is greater than 99.98%. On the process control, application of computer software copyright sea salt force source company developed force source generating set the condensate fine treatment control system software V1.0, condensate polishing treatment system has been in process control laid a foundation for a successful operation.

2. Power plant (including nuclear power plant) supply water (except brine) treatment system power plant (including nuclear power plant)

Supply water in addition to salt water processing system is a complete set of automatic operation of pure water preparation system, that is, provide industrial raw water to power plant water source, through a set of various water treatment equipment, pure water preparation system to remove suspended solids, mechanical impurity in raw water, colloid, organic matter, microorganism, bacteria, algae, and further off in the raw water containing dissolved salts, make our products fully meet the quality of the water power plant water supply water quality index, on the water rate of system meet the needs of the power plant in addition to salt water.

Make-up water processing system (with the exception of brine), use the high and new science and technology full membrane method and electric desalination technology, combined with the company equipped with high-end water treatment process and control of professional design talent, has completed multiple, high salinity water desalination of brackish water project, the capacity of membrane method of seawater desalination technology. At present, the company is further developing a project to desalinate seawater and brackish water with low temperature and multi-effect membrane evaporation technology to meet the needs of users and water shortage areas in various industries. It is also a new technique for desalination of seawater and brackish water with different principles of membrane technology. The main system of the technology includes clarifying pretreatment, ultrafiltration device, RO membrane treatment reverse osmosis system device, EDI continuous electrolytic desalination device, and post-ion exchange. The company can be equipped according to the water quality and water production requirements of users, and combine them into different types of systems. The supporting electrical and program control system ensures the normal operation of all kinds of operation equipment, automatic valve, various fans and pumps in the whole plant except brine treatment system. The whole system is highly automated and unattended in the operation mode of power plant. In addition, the company's main products include power plant (nuclear power regular island, thermal power) soda sampling system, soda and drug system, industrial wastewater treatment system and municipal sewage treatment. Industrial waste water treatment system and municipal wastewater treatment are mainly used in industrial wastewater treatment, desulfurizing and denitration wastewater treatment, water recovery and urban sewage treatment and reuse.

Ii. Complete solution supplier for intelligent power station

Sea salt source to the smart power station equipment users are widely used in thermal power, nuclear power, and industrial and mining industry, direct supply or service domestic users up to 90, covering 100 mw generator set capacity to 1250 mw of various application cases, users across the country, covering five major power generation groups and the power grid. In addition, the company has also signed a framework agreement with many users to provide a quality guarantee for customers based on the optimization of user procurement costs. On overseas projects, the company also has rich experience in execution, cooperate to participate in more than the foreign aid project, Iraq has such as China's power station line protection system, Vietnam yunghsin hair become group protection system and so on. Intelligent power station equipment main electrical products of the company include: variable group protection system with advanced technology, highly intelligent unit type microcomputer protective device is given priority to, in combination with other products at home and abroad, tailored for customers to build a variable set system of protection solutions. For the system, sea salt force source company has lots of classic application cases, such as application in China 4 x 1000 mw large unit of huaneng yuhuan power plant as well as the domestic first operational capacity of the largest pingwei power plant.

The Marine salt source company has the ability to provide a wide range of application solutions for various types of variable group protection, and provides a complete set of technical support for them from pre-sale, design, manufacturing and after-sales service. Medium voltage equipment guarantee system is given priority to with advanced technology of comprehensive protection unit, intelligent communication network platform construction, the 6 kv switch, motor, transformer, line equipment such as integrated protection and control management system. The system can be selected in many types of protection devices, which can provide cost-effective solutions for users. At the same time, the communication function specification of this series of products can be selected, and the communication platform in China is seamless. Haiyanliyuan company can provide more reliable and economical solutions for users.

Low pressure equipment controller and meter

With low voltage intelligent instrument equipment series as a unit, to provide users with low voltage devices, such as motor, the working power supply equipment of measurement, control, protection type integrated management system, and configure a powerful software platform, the different series of products will be automatically pick up to a common management platform.

Transformer on-line detection system

Accurate understanding of power transformer operation is extremely important for grid security, and online monitoring of key transformer is becoming more and more important. The two series of products provided by haiyanliyuan company can measure the dissolved gas analysis and moisture in transformer oil, support 8 kinds of gas detection, and apply to each type transformer. The system is used to extract oil from online, analyze gas chromatography in oil, and determine the composition and content of gas. The configuration software can realize remote monitoring and fault trends, and assist users to make decisions. The company can provide a complete solution to the application.

Other series of products include dual power supply automatic switching device, plant power monitoring system and the medium voltage frequency conversion system under promotion.